Colibri Fund is a long-short equity hedge fund that specializes in analysis and investment in securities of Israeli companies. The fund aims to generate an excess return over the leading stock index in Israel, Tel Aviv 125, with low volatility. The fund's investments are based on fundamental analysis and stock picking, using hedging strategies. The fund implements a strict and consistent risk management policy. The Colibri Fund was founded in June 2016 by Eran Mordechai, the fund's portfolio manager, who has 17 years of professional experience in investment management and analysis in a variety of senior positions and a MBA in finance-accounting mastering from Tel Aviv University. In his last position, he served as an investment manager at Sphera hedge fund. CPA Avishai Kalimi, managing partner at the fund, previously served as a manager on the audit team and as a consultant in the risk management department at Ernst & Young. Avishai holds a bachelor's degree in economics and accounting from the Ruppin Academic Center.