Accessibility Statement

Last updated on August, 2023

We at the Hedge Fund Association (the “Association“) always strive to provide whoever browses our website with content that is as accessible as possible, regardless of the underlying technology of the website. We work to update and implement the accessibility rules, as much as possible, in compliance with the principles of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law, 5758-1998 and the regulations promulgated thereunder. The website is adapted to the accessibility requirements for level 2 (AA) of the W.C.A.G. 2 standard. The accessibility of the website is adapted to the common browsers, i.e. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

The website has been made accessible by UA – USER ACCESSIBILITY Ltd. and supports the leading assistive technologies in the field.

Accessibility arrangements:

The accessibility menu offers a variety of options. To learn more about how to use it, pleas press F1 on the keyboard and the instructions for using the accessibility plugin will appear.

The accessibility menu allows for the following adjustments:

  • Keyboard navigation;
  • Adaptation of the website for assistive technologies (such as NVDA);
  • Enhancing and reducing of the website font to 5 different sizes;
  • Stoppage of moving elements and blocking of flashing;
  • Changing color contrast based on a dark background;
  • Changing color contrast based on a light background;
  • Adaptation for colorblind people.
  • Changing the font to be more readable;
  • Enhancing the cursor and changing its color to black or white;
  • Enhancing the display up to 200%;
  • Highlighting links on the website;
  • Highlighting titles on the website;
  • Displaying alternative descriptions of pictures;
  • Sending a feedback to the Association on accessibility issues.


Due to conditions beyond our control, there may be cases where we will not be able to provide the information in an accessible manner, inter alia, because certain parts of the website have not been made accessible yet. We will follow up on these cases so that we may be able to provide the appropriate technological solution. In this regard, it is important to note that the accessibility if the website is restricted to known and common internet browsers, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Contact us

If you have found and/or encountered difficulties browsing the website from the aspect of its accessibility or in general, we will be happy to receive requests for information and/or suggestions for improvement and/or a report by email regarding the problem, directed to the accessibility coordinator of the Association.

You can contact us using one or more of these options:

Physical adjustments arrangements

Currently the Association does not provide services to the public at its offices. Provided that events, conferences, seminars, etc. will be held by the Association in the future, you can contact us in any of the following ways, in order to verify and coordinate the accessibility adjustments required for these gatherings, as far as these adjustments are mandatory and feasible:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 03-6400600