Corporate identity is the communicated essence of a company. A visual identity attempts to project as unique. Moreover, it provides a visual pathway for the memory. The development of marketing tools is solidly rooted in the history of our cultures. In fact, the development of logos—the modern equivalent of heraldry—parallels the rise of capitalism. Throughout time, no one has doubted the power of the image. Before humans could read, they could understand symbols—learning to love them or fear them, hate them or laugh at them. On that foundation, that basic activity of memory, rests the tradition of the corporate logo. Logos have come to mean the graphic associated with a company, product, or service. Though our logo is the cornerstone of our identity program, only its consistent application, coupled with a family of colors and selected type styles, gives our clients a memorable vision of Kleinberg Kaplan. Inconsistent messages confuse. We have too little time in front of clients to waste it with conflicting messages.